Naked Fanny Book

The cover art work by Hank Fannin (an Air Commando hero himself) depicts a rescue performed thousands of times deep in the jungles of Laos during "The Secret War".

Bill (Bags) Bagwell was one of those rescued.

Plagued by Good Luck is about the life and times of Bags

I landed in a tree. The parachute canopy was tangled in the limbs above me. There was a “Tree Lowering Device” built into our parachute harnesses that allowed us to lower ourselves to the ground in cases like this. When I got down I ran to a nearby pile of jungle brush and burrowed under it to hide from “the Bad Guys” who had just shot me down.

I turned on my survival radio. I was hyper-ventilating so badly that my mouth had dried out and I couldn't talk. I could hear my flight leader calling me, but I couldn't’t answer right away. I tried to look around and see the smoke from my aircraft wreckage, but nothing was visible from my hiding place.

Approaching darkness meant that our rescue forces couldn't respond that night so I had to wait for help until the next morning. It would be a long, anguishing night amid the sounds of jungle animals and dogs……..

So how did I get from a Low Rent Federal Housing Project in Memphis, through these hostile jungles near North Vietnam and then on through life? Hard to believe, but now I call it “Plagued by Good Luck.” See if you don’t agree.


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