Naked Fanny Book

It's all in there... from my first day at NKP; to the freedom bird out. A bitter-sweet year... people died... people partied... and some guys got their 100 mission over phu-ying patch..

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Can you Hear it?

Truth, Tall Tales & Outright Lies.

What I write about is what I remember. I am not imaginative enough to make up fiction. So these are the memories that I have… some are the “war stories”… stories that I have told over the years… some I have not told before. It is the way I remember it… without embellishment or making things up.

That is not to say that I remember everything with exact detail. Over the years bits and pieces have gotten lost in the telling… only the interesting parts have stayed. Some of what you’ll read may not be exactly true nor have actually happened as I describe it…

...but this is what I remember of my time at Naked Fanny.