Naked Fanny Book

This is about a fighter pilot, but it’s not a typical fighter pilot story. It’s about the life of a man who stood tall when it wasn’t always the popular thing to do.

It’s about being shot down in enemy territory and living to tell about it. From his boyhood in Memphis to recent years in Colorado, Bill Bagwell tells you about the places and times. Some of them good and some of them not so good.

And maybe most importantly, this is about a man and his family.

Picture of “Bags” taken from inside the Jolly Green Giant that had just rescued him. He is battered, bruised and bloody... but alive.

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This is far more than a book for guys “who were there”. Certainly if you were there, you will enjoy the book. You won’t be able to put it down. But more than that, it’s for their wives… their children and their grand children so they know what the time and the place was like.

Historians can tell you all about the facts and figures… dates, times, and places. But as “Bags” tells you his story, you’ll find out much more than the cold hard facts of the era. You’ll know what being there was like.

Where is there? What was the time and the place? It’s coming of age in the South during the 50s… “Happy Days”. It’s facing down Russian Bear bombers... playing nuclear “cat and mouse”.

It’s sitting in the cockpit of a fighter-jet during the Cuban Missile Crisis... facing the very real possibility of World War III.

It’s flying combat missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail from an air base in the jungles of Southeast Asia and fighting the “secret war” in Laos.

It’s working to develop the Space satellite technology that helped bring down the Soviet Union.

And it’s fighting the demons… and winning.