Naked Fanny Book



1. The Nest
Billy... did you kill that pig?

2. School and Church
Penance can be negotiable.

3. Post Puberty Distress

Would it make any difference in your actions if I take off my dress?

4. Out in the Cold Cruel World
Don’t screw the help!

5. A Taste of Flying
After I puked in my helmet, they declared it surplus.

6. The Wild Blue Yonder
Nervous as a lady at a four-way stop.

7. Jets
The most dangerous people on earth.

8. Sharpening Our Swords

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26. Why Me?
Wanna cigarette, Major?

29. Why Charlotte?
All that good luck had turned sour.

28. Visiting Lovely Vietnam and Other Tourist Adventures
Right between your toes, Major.

29. Great Ideas That Didn’t Work
All the pores of my skin were slamming shut.

30. The Water Festival
Fess up or keep the lights off.

31. Why Me? (Again)
Remember, I drink Scotch.

32. Home For Good
But we lost Daddy.

33. Colorado, the First Time
Holly runs away from home.

34. Life with the Okies
We’re neither civil nor servants.

35. The Air War College
And Grannie’s Gay Bar.

36. California Here We Come
Doctor, Doctor Sciefers.

37. Space Boosters
A million here, a million there... pretty soon it starts to add up.

38. Off to Vandenberg
I’d like your permission to get pregnant.

39. Out the Gate
Can I buy your house?

40. The Darkest Hour
Don’t generate unreasonable expectations in life.

41. The Rewards of Turning the Corner
Interviewing Hillary Clinton.

42. Now, About That Plague of
Good Luck

The firm, benevolent guiding hand

9. Japan, Ah So
See he face, he confess!

10. Facing the Bear
Take off and head SOUTH!

11. White Knuckles

12. Foreigners: The Japanese,
Norwegians and the U.S. Navy

Cheeks of her ass went

13. Korea, “Land of the Morning Calm
Crazy Mary.

14. Americans in the Orient
The steamy Japanese woman.

15. Kim, Lisa and Other

I’d rather have a beer than an IV.

16. Back to the Land of the Big BX
The more I drugged the kid, the more
she screamed!

19. NORAD and the Cuban Missile

I want every Ass Hole in the room to sit down!

18. Career Broadening
Bend over and kiss yer ass goodbye!

19. Covering the Continent
Zey left all us pretty girls alone here in zee woods.

20. Bringing up Dad
Dad, you look just like a virgin.

21. Charlotte
I won her in a BINGO game.

22. The Wedding and the Leaving
I still have the $10 bill you gave me.

23. Laos
That delicious little war.

24. The Air Commandos
Check yer Stools and yer Tools!

25. First Blood... Kinda
Never git in a pissin’ contest with the guns.