Naked Fanny Book

On the Cover an A-1 on a mission "over the fence"... over the Mekong river on Laos.

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In 1962 there was nothing in the place that would become Nakhon
Phanom, home of the 56th Air Commando Wing. That is... nothing except thick jungle. Despite our public stance at the time, someone put all the pieces together and knew that we would soon be at war. They must have realized that for operations in Laos a base at Nakhon Phanom would be a strategic location.

It wasn't long before the base was fully engaged in "the secret war"... the war in Laos that no one was supposed to know about.

More Memories of Naked Fanny is about the people that were there... it tells the story of the base through the words of 42 guys that were there.

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